Utilize the College Campus Career Services

Tapping into the resources of neighboring colleges is an excellent way to pool talent. You can find qualified students for internships or entry-level jobs. The following tips can help you utilize the college career services to find talent for your own company, or see what employers will be seeking in the future.

  1. Career Fairs – Career Fairs are an immediate way to assess talent at a school. You can see the candidates who are actively seeking employment and how they present themselves. Capitalize on the specific fields that colleges ask you to complete when registering for the career fair. This way, the university can efficiently find students that are a better match for your criteria. Some colleges even offer luncheons for students and employers, setting up a more formal and private meeting.
  2. Job Listings – List positions on the college job board. Much like the career fair, you can see the types of candidates, and their qualifications, who are applying to your postings. Make sure you list all the pertinent details as students may only have a few hours per semester to respond. You can also recruit candidates before graduation as well as work with the Career Services office to find recent graduates.
  3. Giving Back – You can work with college career services in other capacities besides actual employment – sponsor events or offer career guidance and workshops. As for workshops, colleges offer resume writing workshops, interview coaching, other career development and corporate coaching. Donate or sponsor one of these classes and you can get brand exposure while giving back to the communities/youth. Another great way to get brand exposure is to offer to be part of a career panel or speaking engagement. See what the career services has to offer and ask to be a part of it.
  4. Alumni Networks – Tap into alumni networks to the career path that recent graduates are taking. School alumni use this network to find jobs after graduation. You never know who you may find.

College campuses are shaping the future workforce. Staying in touch with the ‘hot skills’ and the level of professional experience students gain while still enrolled in classes is important to gauge for your own hiring decisions. If you have multiple neighboring schools, you can compare the multiple networks to see where the skills you need are being taught. Remember, students are looking for jobs upon graduation and you are looking to hire! Utilize the college career center not just as means of hiring, but as one of grooming.

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Analyst at Consultants 2 Go.