Today’s Job Seeker

Recruiting top talent for your organization can seem like a daunting task, especially with so many job- seekers on the market today. Like recruiting, job seeking is a job within itself. Effective job seekers usually possesses the following qualities: Self-Awareness, Organization, Brand Awareness/Savvy, and Attitude. As a business, it is important to acquaint yourself and your recruitment personnel with the characteristics of today’s job seeker. Consider these qualities and characteristics when tailoring your recruitment processes to match the needs of today’s modern job seeker.

  • Self-Awareness: The most effective job seekers know their strengths and weaknesses, and know what they are looking for in an organization. They possess a clear sense of self-worth and understand their skills and value in the workplace. Today’s job seeker also knows what kind of position would give them the most satisfaction and sense of purpose.
  • Organization: Good planning and organization are the keys to a successful and effective job search. Job seekers today usually already have some sort of plan as to which companies for which they would like to work. They are also familiar with industry trends, have already researched different companies and people, and have a planned method of approach.
  • Brand Awareness/Savvy: Developing a “personal brand” when job seeking is now more important than ever. Job seekers today are fully aware of this and normally have a perfectly tailored resume that reflects their skills, experience, and accomplishments. They also have a presence on social media sites such as LinkedIn, twitter, and Facebook in which they utilize to their advantage in the job search process.
  • Good Attitude: Perhaps a basic notion, a good attitude is sometimes overlooked when considering qualities that make a great job-seeker. Today’s job seeker generally possesses a positive and persistent attitude. They have also made significant networking connections and realize the significance of first impressions. Also, the successful job-seeker has no problem waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along.

These are just a few of the qualities and characteristics that make up an effective and successful job seeker. A number of job-seekers already possess some, if not all, of these characteristics. With this knowledge, organizations can customize their recruitment process to ensure that they are reaching out to the right people. Familiarizing your organization with these characteristics is sure to give you the competitive advantage you need in the hiring process.

Jennie Moussa is a Marketing Intern at Consultants 2 Go and student at NJIT.