Tips for Pitching Your Business in Sixty Seconds

Ediomi Utuk provided us with 4P’s of Selling, one of which was your Pitch.  As mentioned, your business pitch should be “attention grabbing, speak to the needs of your client, and explain why your product/service is the perfect solution.”  Nailing down the perfect pitch can be tricky.  You want to grab your listener’s attention while fully explaining your business.  Below are a few tips to help you deliver a great pitch in a short time frame.

  • Know your audience.  Before you even get started, think about the profile of your audience. Spend plenty of time understanding and learning about who your listeners.  What is the critical information that you want to resonate?  Depending on your target audience, revise your pitch so that it speaks directly to them.  This will help keep them engaged and interactive.
  • Attention to Details.  Tailor your pitch to pay specific attention to the details of the particular client.  Tweak your pitch to meet their requirements.  Each client is different; if you present a canned pitch, then they will miss the message.   Potential clients appreciate the extra effort and it sets you apart from the competition, which is a benefit for the long-term goal.
  • Make it personal.  You can deliver a business pitch via the phone, email, or in person.  However, a phone call or email can be impersonal and easily forgotten.  Make the effort to meet a prospective client or customer in person.  Allowing them to put a face to the name will definitely help any future relationship.
  • Be Natural.  You don’t want to sound scripted or pre-recorded.   Write down a few different versions of your pitch and determine which one you like the best and the one with which you are most comfortable.  Practice as much as you can – in the car and even in front of a mirror; you will find the perfect pitch for you.   Remember practice makes perfect!
  • Utilize outside resources.  Are you part of a networking or business group?  Practice your pitch with colleagues and ask for any suggestions or feedback.  What may sound good to you may not come across clearly to others. 

Delivering your first business pitch might be a bit intimidating and nerve wracking.  However, it can be the key to the success of your business.  While your first pitch may not go exactly as planned, with a bit of practice it will soon become a very valuable asset.