Tips for Email Marketing Campaigns

Establishing a process for your email marketing campaigns can save time and streamline your marketing efforts.  Once you have your steps outlined and deadlines set, your team will know they can rely on you for managing any Email Marketing Campaign or outreach.

  1. Know Your Segment – To get the best response, targeting is key. Know what service you are trying to articulate and identify your audience. This can be as simple as deducing a location (Dallas Market, Connecticut, etc.) or a skillset (Foreign Market Expert, Data Miner/Architect).
  2. Invest In The Tools – There are a variety of tools to help you generate leads or find a segment to streamline the process. Using mass email platforms like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp require a subscription fee but provide top notch analytics for those in your database. In tandem with the storage capabilities these platforms can create eye popping Emails. The best feature of email deployers is that they make you compliant with the management of your unsubscribe policies in a click.
  3. Tighten Up The Verbiage – Make sure your messaging is correct. Using strong subject lines and concise verbiage with eye catching visuals attracts your audience. Do some planning with your team to ensure that the proper message is conveyed for an effective campaign.
  4. Multiple Touch Points – It is a marketing edict that most customers need an average of seven to eight touchpoints across different channels before a message resonates. Make sure the materials are slightly different across channel. For the second and third touch points, be clear that it is a reminder message and don’t overload them with new information.
  5. Gather Results – Measure your campaign’s effectiveness. Examples of key metrics are Open Rates, Bounce Rates, Spam Reports. Compare to your other similar campaigns so you can improve performance.  Take note of the time and day that you are sending emails to see if even that small change will improve your performance.

Setting up a carefully executed email marketing campaign is essential to the success of both your current and future campaigns. Use the performance of your last campaign to make future ones a success.

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Analyst for Consultants 2 Go.