The Year In Review

I look back at 2015 with gratitude and joy. Thanks to all our clients, employees and business partners who supported us and allowed us to have an amazing year. Looking back at 2015, what are five things that we did well?

  1. Built a great team – we spent a lot of time vetting and hiring the right people to be in the right seats. We built an awesome management team who can move the company forward. We are more positioned for growth than ever before.
  2. Got out of our own way – my business partner and I created an organizational structure that empowered our team to make decisions and escalate to us, when necessary. We had more time to work on the business when we were not working in it. Previously, we felt the need to always have a hands-on approach; we still do, however, we have trust in our team and give them the space to grow. We still fall back to old habits, but now we catch ourselves.
  3. The only constant is change – yet again, the economy is changing and our lives are changing at a rate at which it is difficult to keep pace. We put a system in place to allow checks and balances and to be able to pivot in times of strategic changes that will impact the organization.
  4. Took care of people – our employees are important to us and we showed them by instituting policies, such as healthcare and personal time off, that helps their overall well-being as well as their families.
  5. Worked on individual goals – we created structured, individual goals at the beginning of the year. Goals included personal development items–and we worked on them. We went back to school, updated wills, reviewed our finances, checked up on our health so that we can concentrate on the business.

We are grateful for the support group who helped us with challenging decisions throughout the year. Our advisory board was phenomenal and I thank them for giving tirelessly to us. We showed our appreciation by having a profitable year! We look forward to whatever comes in 2016 and hope we will enjoy the journey as much as we did in 2015.