The World of Multiple Cell Phones

I never had a beeper, but when cell phones were introduced, I would say I was a fast adapter.  A singular incident sold me on the need for a cell phone.   My car broke down on a Sunday afternoon, in winter, in pitch black on a lonely road in Tarrytown, NY.  As I walked to the nearest house in the snow, I swore I saw Ichabod Crane ride by.  After convincing a stranger to open her door and call a tow truck for me, I knew there was a cell phone in my future.

I did not issue my phone number because that phone was for emergencies only – I didn’t want anyone calling me on it because it was expensive.  Now that the world has caught up with fixed prices, I’m contemplating getting another cell phone.  Why?

·         I work with telecom companies.  In order to effectively work in this industry, I have to be able to understand how applications work among phones and carriers and the best way to do that is to have multiple phones.

·         Features.  I love the slide feature on the iPhone, but need the keyboard feature on the Blackberry is the best.  I do a lot of emails and, frankly, it’s faster and more accurate to type on a real keyboard.  Also, if you have big fingers, you hit two keys at the same time on the screen.  Not good.  Internet access is easier on the iPhone. 

·         Carriers.  No single carrier has complete coverage.  In some areas where the number of cell towers is low, you get cut off all the time.  Having different carriers gives me 24-hour access.

·         Different phone numbers.  I asked someone why they have two different phones and they told me they want to keep their old phone number that everyone has when she lived in a different part of the country; however, she wanted a local phone number that people can recognize when she calls in her current area of the country.  She forwards one phone to the next so that she only has to carry one phone.  Interesting tact to take.

At what point does this become too much?  How many phones is the right number?  Hopefully, all these features will be consolidated into one device.  Soon.