The Giving Season of the Year

Repurposed Blog.  This blog was first printed in December 2015.

The giving season of the year ends in December.  There is Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday for small businesses, but nonprofits have Giving Tuesday.  If you missed that day, you should now be bombarded with nonprofit associations asking to give generously to them.  As a business owner, we know that December is the month where they receive the most donations for the year.  For some, these donations allow them to run their organizations for the entire year.  What are things you should consider when giving?

  • Support Organizations – Do you want to give to an organization that support businesses, individuals or groups like The American Red Cross? The majority of nonprofits support individuals, but there are some that support other nonprofit groups.  The New York Women’s Foundation funds other organizations that promote the economic security of women.  Small business owners have organizations like The Small Business Majority that work on critical issues impacting small businesses including access to capital, healthcare, taxes and budget and workforce issues, including retirement security and paid family leave.
  • Tax Deductions – Look for non-profit organizations that are listed as 501(c)(3), meaning that you can get a tax deduction when you support them. They are a registered entity with the IRS and allows donors to receive a tax deduction, provides grant funding eligibility for the nonprofit, lower postage rates, and increased credibility within the community.
  • Credit Card Donations – If they accept credit cards for donations, it makes life that much easier – and you can get rewards points as well! Additionally, you can support specific areas.  For example, The American Cancer Society has options such as different types of cancers, research or training.  Does 100% of your donation goes directly towards supporting a project?
  • Area Presence – Do you want to donate locally, regionally, nationally or internationally? We do a little of each.  We donate and support our local organizations on a regular basis by volunteering our time or through sponsorships.  We donate to national causes that impact us, our employees and clients.  Then, we donate to international organizations for recovery from hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
  • Online Presence – You can track your donation against other donors – it brings a competitive element to donations. The charity gives small prizes for people who are at the top of a donation leader board (T-shirts, mugs, etc.) to say thanks for going all out to represent them.  There is also a higher likelihood that the organization is not a scam.

Give generously this holiday season.  You have an opportunity to impact your community, business, and even the world.  If you need a list of organizations, Network For Good aggregates quite a bit of the nonprofit organizations and you can also donate to those organizations directly from their portal.  Happy Giving!