The Company Picnic: What to Bring and Who to Invite

Summer is coming, and with it, is the time companies get their employees together to have a picnic. This seems like an easy event to attend, but several questions arise. What should I wear, who should I bring? The following guidelines should be able to help you adequately assess your company picnic.

  1. Who to Bring: Always find out ahead of time if bringing a plus one, or your children is okay. Generally speaking, a plus one should be okay but as always find out ahead of time. If this is supposed to be a team building excursion, you do not want to compromise the integrity of your team relationship. Not to mention that the event planner has spent time figuring out logistics based on how many people are attending. Never bring guests without getting approval.
  2. What to Bring: Find out if your picnic is a potluck or if it will be catered. If you are bringing food to the company picnic make sure you reach out (if your HR Team hasn’t already) to find out about allergies or have religious needs.
  3. What to Wear: Business casual is the standard. Pending on the weather and other recreational activities planned for the picnic, dress is liable to change. That said, avoid any ripped clothing and a collared shirt is still professional. If you wear a T-shirt, make sure you avoid graphics.
  4. Useful Accessories: It is always handy to bring sunscreen and bug spray if your picnic is outdoors. Much like the proactive worker you are in the office, display your value to the team in a social setting. Extra napkins is always a plus, as well as an umbrella. Portable sports equipment may come in handy, such as easy-to-assemble horseshoes or volley ball net, but again, this is not a BBQ with your friends so be selective to show team spirit.
  5. Avoid Drinking Too Much: Like most facets of life, you want to be on your best behavior but because of the hot weather, you also want to remain hydrated! Drink more water than alcohol. And do not drink and drive.

The company picnic is supposed to be a fun time for everyone. That said, there are still parameters so think through other sensitive areas that may be of concern.

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Analyst at Consultants 2 Go.