The Commuter Back Pack

In a rush? We all are. It seems we always need ‘just one more minute,’ or we can ‘just make it.’ Stocking your commuter backpack with some essentials can ensure you don’t forget anything before you leave home.  It also serves as your emergency items, if needed.

  1. Extra business cards. You will always need a business card when you don’t have one.  If you are a salesperson, running out of business cards at a networking event or when asked for one during a meeting can mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.
  2. Spare Cell Phone Charger and Battery Pack. You don’t want to lose your nice charger so have an old charger just in case you forget it at work or home. To make it even more convenient so you don’t lose power, also have a charged battery pack so you can seamlessly work.
  3. Water Bottle. Invest a metal water bottle. This way, it won’t crush from the pressure of the other contents in your bag. The water bottle is also refillable and applicable in other situations besides work.
  4. Umbrella. Going to work drenched is preventable. Having an umbrella sets you to handle a wet and soggy work day.
  5. Toothbrush/Mouthwash Kit. Purchasing an inexpensive kit of a mini portable toothbrush and mouthwash is essential for your commuter back pack. We all have days where we could use freshening up before a critical meeting. Practicing proper hygiene will increase your confidence.
  6. First Aid Kit. Have a couple of different size band aids for injuries ranging from paper cuts and stubbed toes. An antibacterial ointment should be a part of your kit. Aspirins can help a relieve symptoms of unusual ailments ranging from headaches to heart rates.  Also include allergy pills and antibacterial lotion.
  7. Batteries. This could range from the standard Double or Triple A batteries (for a wireless mouse, or other portable technology), to spare batteries for your laptop and cellphone (laptop batteries tend to be expensive).

Having these items for your commuter backpack not only benefits you, but your peers as someone in need usually ask for help.  Having a commuter backpack stocked with the above essentials gives you peace of mind that you have emergency items on hand. The bigger trick is to remember to replenish these items as you use them!

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Analyst for Consultants 2 Go.