We Are Thankful for You!

This year, our business is having a phenomenal year.  We are grateful to have had this amazing year while others are struggling to get their businesses to break even.  November is a time to give thanks to all who support us in meeting our goals throughout the year and we show appreciation to them.

  • Our Customers: You are more than clients – you are our customers.  You continue to reach out to us to fill your most pressing business needs, knowing that we will make the best effort to help you solve your business challenges.  We appreciate you and look forward to building on our current relationships in the future.
  • Our Team: Thank you to our amazing employees and contractors who always give their very best to us and to our customers.  Our team continually go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.  No job is too small or too big for them to handle.  We are a small company and it is so important to have cohesion among team members and I can say that our team is very together and pitches in to help each other, when needed.  Thank You.
  • Our Advisory Board: We are proud to have an amazing board of smart past and present business owners and ex-corporate executives who advise us on the strategic direction of our company, guiding this little boat thru rocky waters into smooth sailing.  You have freely given us your time, advice and connections.  We could not ask more of a board.  Thank you.
  • Our Peer Networking Groups: You serve as our informal advisory boards when we have a business challenge.  We are able to present an issue to you, and we get so much great advice from each of you who have experienced a similar challenge or can send us to possible solutions.  We appreciate the time you take each month to meet with us and share the journey of being an entrepreneur.  Thank you.
  • Our Family and Friends: How can we thank you enough for giving us the freedom to go for our dreams?  Your support allows us to go about our day-to-day with little worry about the personal side.  There is no excuse for missed soccer games, recitals, birthdays and first baby steps, but we know that you understand and give us permission to make it up to you.   You help us celebrate our first year and milestone events, you pitch in to help when we ask you, and best of all, you connect to us on Facebook and social media so we can keep abreast of your lives.  Thank you.

We should not need a particular time of year to say Thank You; however, when life is moving so fast that we forget to say the little things, we are glad that there is a time of year that forces us to recognize the people who are important to us and to simply say “Thank You.”