How Technology Improves Our Health

I was sitting at home the other day having a conversation with my Grandmother. I was listening to her talk about her health and how she has never felt healthier in her entire life. To a grandson’s ears, those words made my day. However, I was confused as to how a woman in her late 70’s has never felt healthier in her entire life. She went on to discuss healthcare and how technological advances has allowed her to live a healthy lifestyle she never would have been able to attain without these advances. It got me thinking about how these developments are helping save lives. Listed below is a list composed of the top three ways technology is helping to improve everyday lives:

  • Smartphone Applications: 2016 is the first year where Americans are able to track fitness levels, breathing levels, steps, heart rate, calories lost, and sleeping patterns from the convenience of their Smartphone. This is a huge development for people of any age. When a doctor informs you that you need to increase your exercising, you are now able to track your progress and steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Doctors can now track the specifics of any complication and how to limit those setbacks.
  • Doctor Visits: Visiting the doctor can be done from the comfort of your home. If you have any questions or your doctor simply wants to check on you, waiting in the line at the doctor’s office isn’t necessary. Healthcare providers now insure video chats with your doctors. We can have all our questions answered within minutes simply by being able to log onto a Smartphone or laptop and video chat with your doctor.
  • Privacy: Now, obviously as technology develops, so does the curiosity of how your personal records will be protected. One website shows that 83% of people will be willing to share personal records in a database in order to help diagnose themselves and others. Cyber security is at an all time high so protecting your records from hackers is the safest it has ever been. Which means sharing records in an internal database can now help save lives. Tracking which medicines were taken or what exercises and tests were done can now help protect patients’ lives.

While there are countless other developments in hospitals and at-home care, these three topics are huge steps in creating a healthier world. Technology has granted me the opportunity to have long talks with my grandmother about her life and how she’s never felt better. I can only imagine what the next steps will be. All I know is that we live in a world where anything is attainable, including a much healthier lifestyle for all of us.

John Marques is a Marketing Intern at Consultants 2 Go.