Tomas Larsson

Tomas Larsson

VP, Data Science

Office: 800.768.0494

Columbia, Maryland.

Tomas is the Principal Data Scientist at C2G Partners. He is responsible for developing and delivering innovative solutions to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness by customizing offers to target customers with media mix optimization.

Prior to C2G partners he was head of Methodology at EXL Services, leading and advising the modeling process from development to validation/auditing to meet regulatory requirements (CCAR and Basel) in the finance industry.  Prior to EXL, Tomas had worked in advanced analytics and data science in a wide range of industries such as auto, insurance, education and finance, where he developed models for product development, pricing, risk management, demand forecasting, supply chain optimization, customer satisfaction and customer preferences.

Tomas has received several awards including “Innovation of the Year Award” at USAA and the prestigious “Henry Ford Technology Award” at Ford Motor Company.  In addition, he has two patents in process monitoring and adaptive process optimization.

Tomas holds a Ph.D. in Engineer from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Master’s Degrees from University of Wales, Cardiff in Systems Engineering and Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden in Mechanical Engineering.

What does “customer driven” mean to you?

Customer driven means the ability to learn and understand the customer’s needs to the point where you can anticipate and exceed their expectations.

What are your favorite ways to collaborate with clients and co-workers?

I love the creative process of sitting down and identifying the problem, followed by a quick iterative process working closely with the client to develop a prototype solution that can then be turned into a final product.

How do you drive results in your work?

I focus on the final customer objective and identify the main drivers to ensure that everything I do brings me closer to meeting or exceeding the target objective.

How do you build flexibility into your engagements?

I keep my eyes open for opportunities that arise during the engagement. When an opportunity is identified, I work closely with the client to see how we can incorporate it into the project.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I like to follow politics and I am also interested in environmental issues.