Melissa Lin

Melissa Lin

Principal Data Scientist

Columbia, Maryland

Melissa is the Principal Data Scientist responsible for developing and delivering analytic solutions for clients to improve marketing efficiency across all different channels at C2G Partners. Prior to C2G, Melissa was the Associate Director at Merkle where she managed the analytic engagement for a large US consumer insurance client. There, she was also responsible for leading the analytics team to build predictive models with an optimization approach to help clients target the most responsive and valuable customers, developing and delivering business solutions to measure marketing program effectiveness, and providing actionable results and insights to achieve client marketing objectives.

Melissa holds a MS degree in Applied Statistics, a MA degree in Economics from The Ohio State University as well as a BA degree in Economics from Peking University in China. Melissa enjoys watching new movies and participating in group fitness classes like kickboxing. Melissa lives in the Chicago area with her husband and two children, ages 8 and 5.

What does “customer driven” mean to you?

Understand client business needs and helping them solve their business problems to achieve their marketing goals.

What is best about being part of C2G?

Working with a group of data science professionals to develop innovative business solutions for clients’ marketing programs using cutting-edge technologies.

What are your favorite ways to collaborate with clients and co-workers?

Sitting down with clients and co-workers to identify the business problems, brainstorming new ideas, and working together closely in an iterative way to come up with the best solution to solve the business problem.

How do you build flexibility into your engagements?

I am open to changes and opportunities that may arise during the execution of a settled project plan, being prepared with different options so I can react quickly to develop new solutions to capture the changes/opportunities.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Traveling with my family.