Maureen Haney

Maureen Haney

VP, Client Engagement

Office: 973-645-0098 x107

Fax: 908-842-0234

105 Lock Street, Suite 309
Newark, NJ 07103

Maureen brings her skills and experience to C2G in her role as Vice President, Business Development. She is focused on complementing and enhancing our clients’ business success by providing talented, experienced consultants across marketing, sales, analytics and creatives.

Maureen spent her career at AT&T. She held several leadership roles that included consultative selling, global offer marketing and business sales to large corporations (Fortune 500) and small and medium businesses (Fortune 2500). She also has extensive experience spanning customer service, technical support, sales enablement, recognition programs, compensation plans and offer management. Maureen was recognized as an exceptional contributor throughout her career, and was selected to participate in several executive leadership programs.

Maureen continued to coach and mentor professionals for business success and career growth after leaving AT&T. She also extended the breadth and depth of her volunteer activities, working with organizations such as the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation, AT&T Pioneers and Operation Shoebox NJ. She has a passion for interacting with people, working with clients to develop and implement business and marketing plans, and thrives in a collaborative, teaming environment.

Maureen earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. When not working or doing research/training, Maureen enjoys outdoor activities, dance, spending time with her family and friends, and reading. Maureen lives in NJ with her husband.

What does “customer driven” mean to you?

Being customer driven requires that one immerses oneself in the customer’s business. Understanding the mission, vision, goals/objectives and what the specific/individual customer is trying to solve for is critical to being successful in earning the customer’s trust and business. Coupling that with finding the right consultant to support the customer will help one to continue to earn a seat at the table.

What is best about being part of C2G?

The collaboration and support by every single member of the C2G team, regardless of title, is role model!

What are your favorite ways to collaborate with clients and co-workers?

I enjoy the ‘live’ experience – meeting, speaking or videoconferencing with the client vs. working through emails, texts or social media.

How do you drive results in your work?

Building trustworthy relationships with people. Dealing with honesty and integrity – connecting with clients vs. selling to them. And demonstrating that we get it, and we can help them achieve extraordinary results.