Leslie Delery

Leslie Delery

Director, Client Engagement

Office: 973-645-0098 x131

Fax: 973-741-2365

105 Lock Street, Suite 309
Newark, NJ 07103

Leslie brings over 10 years of experience in consulting, technology and financial services to her role as Director of Business Development. In this role, Leslie partners with clients to close their business gaps by providing them with expert marketing, marketing analytic and product specialist consulting solutions.

Previously, Leslie worked for several large corporations including CGI, EMC and American Express. She was responsible for helping companies solve both strategic and tactical problems, ranging from website integration to organizational changes to selecting software partners. She has worked in a variety of functions including pricing, software product management, product development and business strategy. In addition to her corporate experience, Leslie has been a mentor for a few different organizations, including New York Needs You and Defy Ventures, and currently works with the blind through Helping Hands. You can also catch her on her YouTube Channel, Being Millennialish.

Leslie holds a Bachelor of Science in Systems and Information Engineering from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

What are your favorite ways to collaborate with clients and co-workers?

I find the best way to collaborate with folks is to understand what motivates them as well as what their goals are. Being transparent about this early on in a relationship is important because it provides the background of what drives someone in their day.

How do you drive results in your work?

Driving results involves always focusing on outcomes and finding ways to work towards that goal. On a daily basis, I assess what is most important to get done that day, any obstacles to accomplishing that, and what support (if any) I need to overcome any obstacles. It takes an awareness of what you need to get done versus anyone else you need action from in order to reach your goal.

How do you build flexibility into your engagements?

Flexibility is built via expectations – if you expect that things will not always stay exactly the same, then you can adjust as a situation changes.