Korey Thurber

Korey Thurber

SVP, Solutions

Korey is the SVP of Solutions at C2G Partners. His responsibilities include: ideation, development and delivery for CRM, decision science, data and insight solutions. Previous to C2G, Korey was the Chief Data and Analytics Officer for Harte Hanks. He was also the VP of Quantitative Marketing Group at Merkle. In these roles, he managed large international teams of data scientists, analysts and data solutions providers. He has helped many brands to successfully adapt and integrate analytics to develop, execute and optimize marketing strategies across diverse online and offline media. Korey holds an MBA from UNCG with a focus in Econometrics. Outside of work, Korey is passionate about family, science fiction, cars, auto and motorcycle racing. He also is very passionate about his wife’s equestrian business where his wife and two teenage daughters care for and train over 25 horses, ponies and their riders. Korey lives in North Carolina with his wife and two daughters.

What does “customer driven” mean to you?

Very simply, helping our clients develop data and analytic driven marketing strategies that maximize value throughout the journey that each customer or prospective customer has with their brand.

What is best about being part of C2G?

The people! Such hard-working and passionate folks here that simply want to do great work for our clients! I have worked with several of these people in the past and it is a pleasure to be able to work with them again. In my experience when you have great people, great things happen!

How do you drive results in your work?

I laser focus on addressing needs, solving problems and driving measurable business impact. I first think about it from the perspective of our client’s end customers. Every interaction (whether digital, through traditional offline channels, or fact-to-face) must meet a need or solve a problem in that particular moment for that end customer. When we do this well, our client’s business expands and we ultimately become a trusted partner for them, which in-turn results in long-term profitable relationships for us.

What is something that most people do not know about you?

I am an identical twin.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I’m a huge science fiction, car and horse enthusiast. My wife is an entrepreneur and owns/runs an equestrian center and riding school.