Brian Korn

Brian Korn

Marketing Intern

Brian is a Marketing Intern at C2G Partners and his responsibilities include handling day to day issues, sending reports, and be readily available to assist other members of the team. Prior to C2G Partners, Brian was a store manager in Stirling New Jersey, where he took on multiple roles including working the register, keeping the shelves stocked, checking inventory, and providing the best possible customer service.

Brian graduated from Ridge High School in 2012. He is currently working towards completing his associates degree from Raritan Valley Community College, expecting to graduate in May of 2017. Brian’s hobbies include sports, soccer specifically. He has a passion for learning about the wine and spirit industry, always striving to learn more. Brian currently lives in New Jersey with his parents and three younger sisters.

What does “customer driven” mean to you?

It means that the customer is always right and you will do anything in your power to make sure that you meet every one of their needs.

How do you drive results in your work?

I drive results in my work by staying on top of what I need to get done so I can hit the correct deadline. To always put forth as much effort as I can so that it shows in the work that I do.

How do you build flexibility into your engagements?

It is very important to keep a precise and organized schedule and to lay out your work weeks. Also, communication is key to staying flexible so you can work out deadlines, meetings, etc.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Very passionate about wine constantly reading about regions of wine or books that deal with all the processes in the wine industry. Now since TV is one of the biggest mediums there are many documentaries on this subject.