What does it take to run a business?

Running a successful business is a challenge and an adventure all in one. Many entrepreneurs, would answer the question, “What does it take to run a business?” and only think of their hard work and dedication to starting up their own business. In order to completely explain the requirements, skills, and expertise necessary to run a business, an entrepreneur must also include specific characteristics that will give that explanation an extra “boost!”

  1. Having confidence that your business will succeed is of significant importance because customers prefer to do business with professionals who appear competent and content with their abilities.  Additionally, as an entrepreneur, you must have the confidence that your business will succeed even through the tough times.  That confidence will keep you motivated and push even more towards success.
  2. Maintain professional client and customer relationships. Find ways to keep in touch with your clients and customers even if they are not active at the moment.  People do business with people they know and getting repeat business from a loyal customer or client costs you less than going out to acquire a new customer.
  3. Implement a strong marketing strategy which includes effectively and efficiently reaching a target customer audience.  A market strategy does not have to be elaborate and expensive – it just has to be successful.
  4. Put business ideas into action. The most important characteristic of an entrepreneur is being able to not only create a successful business idea, but also to put that idea into action to launch the business. It has been said that a great idea will remain a great idea if it is not executed!

Additionally, having determination and an optimistic attitude are significant components to accomplishing your business and personal goals. My business, the Pony Party Bus, has been successful for numerous years because of my perseverance, entrepreneurial spirit, and adventurous perspective on life! My horses are my sincere passion and I used that passion to fuel a successful business thereby making a profit from something that I truly enjoy!


Hayley Holzhacker is a Marketing Intern at Consultants 2 Go  and a Junior at the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, NJ.