Summer: The Ideal Time For Reaching Out To Clients

Contrary to popular belief, summer is an opportune time to reach out to clients. The following are quick conversation starters for connecting with your clients this summer.

  • Ask About “The Beach” – The beach is synonymous with an all-encompassing idea of the family, logistics, and an even broader schematic. For those maintaining the balance between work and family life, we know taking time off is not as easy as it sounds. Perhaps you can help a client, or vice-versa, to make work and home life easier and seamless.
  • Host An Event – Hold a barbeque or cocktail hour for clients. In summer, people think about how to best spend their time. Most people can attend an afternoon barbeque or evening cocktail event. These events are easy to plan and often are not expensive. Reach out to your invitation list to get feedback on a day most would be able to make it. Everyone is not going to make it and that might be good. Getting the undivided attention of a few clients is better than none.
  • Get On Their List ­­­- A strategic way of getting into your client’s mindset is to call them before their big vacation this summer. Chances are there will be quite a list for them to complete prior to vacation, so don’t expect to have their ear then. Instead, propose being the first item on their agenda when they get back.
  • The Simple Phone Call – For past clients, a simple catch-up phone call will do wonders. Reach out and ask about their world. “What’s going on?” “How was your Fourth of July?” Even the less social clients will have had something happen. Once the ice is broken with personal information, see if you can dig deeper into business needs.
  • Anticipate Customer/Client Questions – When trying for new customers or new sales, have your answers ready before they ask the question. People feel even more overwhelmed during the summer as they walk the fine line of work, friends, and family. If you can save a potential customer time and worry by having your answers prepared for any questions, customers will admire your initiative and perseverance.

Once again, summer is the ideal time for reaching out to clients because of busier-than-usual schedules. Even if you don’t get business from clients with these steps, they will remember your thoughtfulness. Also, you never know who might refer business. So, utilize this summer to plant seeds for the rest of the year.

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Intern at Consultants 2 Go.