Spring Has Sprung

It was a rough winter, here, in the Northeast.  Record inches of snow fell during the months of January thru April.  Now, the first seventy degree day occurred and flowers are popping up out of the ground!  Spring is here.  With the change in season comes all the excitement of refreshing and updating projects and that goes for your business as well.  You can do anything one project at a time.

  • Clean Up – Take the time to clean up your office.
    • Go thru your desk. Review stacks of paperwork and file needed documents.  Throw out pens that have no ink, sharpen pencils, take inventory of supplies and place orders to replenish them. Create space in drawers by scanning paper documents so you have an online version – destroy the paper one.
    • Shred documents that are no longer useful. Ensure confidential information and/or any identifying personal information are properly destroyed.
    • It’s time to go thru your email folders! Delete junk or unnecessary emails and create folders for the emails you need.
    • Do you have enough checks? Place an order.
    • Ensure your virus detection program has not expired and run it to get rid of viruses.
    • Clean up your databases – your CRM system could use some work; get rid of unwanted records and clean up the incomplete ones. Review your Contacts list – update addresses and phone numbers, delete people who have deceased or for whom you don’t have any contact information, and add email addresses.
    • Donate good but unwanted supplies to a school, day care center, a shelter or to Goodwill. I have hundreds of pens from conferences or I get them as giveaways.  Someone needs it.
  • Clean Up Yourself – look in the mirror and see what you can do to give yourself a lift: get a haircut and color, freshen up your wardrobe, book appointments for your annual physical with your doctor and dentist.  Get a mammogram.  Get your glasses checked. Get a manicure/pedicure.  You deserve it.
  • Perform Repairs – A bad winter takes a toll on physical structures. Make a note of building repairs that are needed.  Replace shovels and service snow plows before putting them away for the season. Don’t forget your computer – replace missing keys, wipe down the screen and use a small vacuum to blow out dust and dirt from between the keyboards.

Cleaning up for Spring will take work.  Break up your projects into small, workable pieces to make them manageable. Book time on your calendar for each of these tasks so that you just don’t have a To Do list, but a Got It Done list.