Spotlight on Video Resumes

Sending a video resume has become an acceptable format for candidates. For selected jobs, video resumes can certainly help you stand out – in both a positive and negative way. Here are some tips for creating a compelling video resume.

  • Relevance – Applying for the Vice President of accounting is not a position that warrants a video resume. This is a senior position where your skills and years of experience are more important. The hiring manager will want someone who is an expert in financial analysis and regulations and video production will not be on the list.
  • Professionalism – Most people can use a Word program, but can everybody create a video? It is extremely easy with today’s technology. The video resume is not meant to be done by cell phone.   Put in the extra work. Decisions ranging from lighting, to composition, to editing are all in your hands and, if done correctly, can demonstrate your creative abilities.
  • Brevity – Do not create a massive video production. Remember that most people would prefer a video between one to two minutes in length. The video cannot be grand; just keep it short.
  • Creativity – Being clever is always appreciated. Much like how you would tailor your cover letter to a specific position, your video resume should have specific nuances catered to that particular field. Videographers who can splice in the multiple s projects on which they have worked on will have the best results.
  • Be Prepared For Viral – While companies may have policies for not sharing candidate information, be aware that anything can be shared online – by mistake or intentionally. Do your research when applying for a job to ensure your best effort and image always represents you. Do a test with friends or family. If having them watch your video embarrasses you, then don’t submit it.
  • Stay Humble – You can produce a low quality video when you get too lost in the creative process. Don’t doubt your creativity, but remember your objective and certainly your audience.

The video is a modern approach that is effective for selected positions, but the traditional resume is still the number one tool used by hiring managers today. As always, keep your resume up to date and tailor your cover letter to the specific position. Focus on that effort while you take time to create and shoot a video.

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Analyst at Consultants 2 Go.