Marketing Analytics Consultants for Increased ROI

Our practice will help you to determine your most valuable and profitable customers, define the optimal mix for customer rewards and loyalty, create the right customer contact and channel strategy and measure the success of these programs and communication vehicles. Ultimately increasing your marketing ROI!

What Does the C2G Analytics Practice Include?

  • Data Profiling, Segmentation and Analytics: We will analyze and profile your customers and evaluate key attributes. We can develop target audience segmentation, models and complex backend analyses. C2G consultants are experts in finding actionable intelligence in your customer data.
  • Statistical Clustering Analysis: Our analysts' design and implement customer base and customer response clustering analysis using the state of the art statistical methods.
  • Sampling Design & Implementation: We design and develop sampling strategies that will provide accurate representations of your customers and can be used in assessing various programs marketing response rates.
  • Marketing Campaign Results: C2G can provide solid tracking analysis to measure the success rates for your promotional campaigns.
  • Custom Modeling and Forecasting: Our analysts can build custom models that can help you conduct "what-if" analysis. C2G also helps companies with their sales forecasting needs by using rigorous time-series analysis methods and accurate forecasting techniques.