SEO Tips that will Rank High on Google

Search engine optimization can be a bit complicated and difficult to navigate.  We often have to juggle the question of whether to write for our readers or for search engine algorithms in order to rank high on websites such as Google.  In a recent infographic from, it is shown that Google prefers content written for readers, not for algorithms.  Below are a few tips to help you focus on writing for your target audience while still ranking high on Google.

  • Keyword overload – It is commonly believed that the more keywords on a particular page, the higher your page will rank. However, it has not been proven that Google favors a certain number of keywords.  Yes, it is important to include relevant keywords throughout your content, but do not waste your time overloading the page.
  • Titles are important – Make sure the title of your page or content includes keywords as it is one of the first things Google reviews when categorizing pages. 
  • Utilize your social media – When you have content to share with others, post it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Generating more “shares” and traffic to your content will make it seem relevant to Google.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Whenever someone has a question relating to your product or service, they normally type it directly into Google.  Make sure you have a thorough FAQ page on your website with reliable and credible information.  This will drive more traffic to your website, and in turn help you generate new business.
  • Using Google Tilde – Inserting a tilde (~) before a keyword in a search will show you various related keywords at the bottom of the page which are relevant in relation to your search.  Utilize this tool and run a few searches related to your content and compare the keywords that populate to what is already on your site. This will help you determine beneficial keywords you should be including in your content.

While search engine optimization can be a little tricky to figure out, spend some time researching your content versus your competitors and see what you might be missing.  Once you have a strategy established this can be an easy and effective marketing tool to use.