Sales Tactics To Avoid

There he is! Another person trying to sell me something. Does that thought resonate? This is the opposite of what any salesperson wants a potential customer to think. Sales success is based on relationships and it is unhealthy when you are labeled as needy or overbearing. The following tips will help you avoid these sales tactics:

The ‘Hard Sell’

The hard sell is using the leverage of an agreement, and pushing for more. Once a customer accepts a product or service, the hard sell is pushing them to take more. A good salesperson allows the customer to assess their needs, or at least work together to reach a verdict. Relationships are a balance of give and take. Engaging a customer with the hard sell is a taking mentality. Using a tactic like the hard sell is a salesperson taking advantage of their customer. The fix to this tactic is to work with a customer and personalize their needs.

Dictating The Consequences

Dictating which consequences a customer will face when not buying your product is not only a sales tactic to avoid but unprofessional. Nobody wants a lecture. They know the products they need and don’t want to be told how to run things from a salesperson. Explain the value of your product to the company as opposed to assessing how the company will operate without it.

Empty Promises

It is amazing how many salespeople do not live up to their end of the bargain. During negotiation, a bond of trust is in its formative stages. This semi-fragile bond will be broken and unfixable if a person does not hold up their end of the bargain. It is a terrible thing when a customer thinks, “Where is he when I need him?” Only commit if you are 100% certain you will follow through.

Faux Persona

There is probably nothing worse than a salesperson who pretends to be your friend without any sort of initial relationship. Friends don’t use you and certainly do not cold call asking for a service. Feigning interest or an interpersonal bond will alienate your customer. It is best to remain professional and, like any other friendship, allow the bond to grow organically.

Out of Touch

The end of a sale is not the end of your relationship. Stay in touch with your client. Make the client feel comfortable and let them know that they can always come to you. Being dependable is critical for staying in a healthy relationship. Falling out of touch with a client strips the engagement process and renders the dynamic of a relationship as merely transactional.

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Intern for Consultants 2 Go.