Revamp Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns take a lot of work. Cohesion is the key to any successful one. Through any multi-channel campaign, you want cohesion across your platforms. Email Marketing is a little bit different. You want to tailor your message to a specific segment. Email gives you options to figure out who and when you are sending your message and is catering to slight tweaks of your message. Take a look at the tips below to revamp your Email Marketing.

  1. Original Photos – Are you tired of corporate stock photos? How many times have you seen the plastic image of a well-manicured worker sitting at a conference room table smiling? Your 4 o’clock meeting does not look like that! Don’t be afraid of some photo-realism in your company photos. Don’t use photos to the point of unprofessionalism but again, provided you are not a beauty company, don’t be afraid to cater to the reality of corporate life. If all else, this will at least differentiate your visual look from the hundreds of other Email marketing campaigns.
  2. Scrub Your Database – If you send your campaigns to the wrong people, you will not get your intended results or feedback that you can apply moving forward. Really look into whom you are sending your Emails. Where do they work, what are their titles, where do they live? Any item you can gather is great to deducing their problems and how you cannot only solve them, but more importantly, how you can gain their interest.
  3. Appeal To The Problem – After you know your target, don’t be afraid to cut to the chase of what kind of service you are offering. Instead of explaining the service, address the problem that it solves. Your message can be short, to the point and leave the recipient wanting to click on a link to your website. If you were sending an Email to someone who manages Email Marketing campaigns, try a subject line like ‘Tired of doing your own list management;’ then, you can provide a link for help with the problem.
  4. Rinse and Repeat – For all your Email campaigns, use as much of your analytic power as possible, and apply it to your next communication. Start with the basic ‘Open Rates’ and granulate from there. Find out who opened your email. Did one segment have a higher open rate than another? Did geography have something to do with it? Did Gender? The possibilities are endless!

Email marketing has offered the world a medium with immediate changes and real time results. You can take care of an entire campaign through one website from start to finish. Start utilizing the real-time changes and analytic tools to take your Email marketing to the next level.