Rev up your Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of almost every company’s strategic plan.  Whether you are a small business, in the retail or restaurant industry, or work in Corporate America, utilizing social media is a quick and easy way to generate business and stay top of mind with your customers. While many of us have been incorporating tools such as Facebook and Twitter into our business plan, you might be experiencing a lull or feel that your business has become stagnant.  Below are a few tips to help rev up your social media as you push through the fourth quarter and into the New Year.

1. Segment your message.  We classify networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all as social media platforms; however, each one is different.  Spend time observing what your customers and followers do on each network and tailor your message.  Are your Twitter followers strictly business colleagues whereas your Facebook friends are a mixture of colleagues and personal friends?  Make sure each message you post targets the demographic of your followers.

2. Get personal.  Social media is about connecting and networking with others.  Take the time to connect with your followers on a personal level by responding to their messages, whether positive or negative.  Showing that you value their opinions will help grow and solidify relationships.  Also, return the favor.  If someone makes an effort to give you positive feedback, take the time to reciprocate on their Facebook page or Twitter.

3. Not just words.  The goal of social networking sites is to get your message across in a short amount of characters.  However, do not underestimate the power of pictures and videos.  Posting media related to your business is a much more interactive and engaging way to stay in touch with your customers.

4. Evaluate.  Lastly, with all of the effort you are putting into your social media plan, you want to see what results.  With the use of tools such as, and similar to, Google Analytics, measure the success of your social media plan by taking a look at the amount of traffic driven to your website or other sites that are linked to your social media accounts.  Additionally, utilize websites such as when you post links to article or blogs in order to see how many clicks they are generating.

With the use of social media tools continuing to be a prominent resource for many businesses, take some time to look at your strategic plan and see if there are any changes or updates that are needed. Utilizing social media platforms can be a very easy and beneficial tool to boost your business.