Rethink Your Marketing Strategy for the New Year

Happy 2013! A New Year means a clean slate for small business owners, which calls for a brand new marketing strategy.  Let’s begin with a refresher on the importance of what your marketing strategy should and should not do this year:

  • Your marketing strategy should outline the ways in which you’ll go about marketing your products or services. It should serve as a guide for executing the tactics you want to undertake.
  • Your marketing strategy should not outline the reason for a tactic in terms of number of leads, sales, or other goals. While your strategy needs to align with your business objectives, they should not be the focus of your strategy.

Think of your marketing strategy as a way to tell the story of your business to potential customers. Your story should cover all the key points of your strategy going forward, as well as deliver on what you want to accomplish.

Digital Strategist, Hollis Thomases of Inc. Magazine has a few strategic considerations that could help you create an actionable and effective marketing strategy:

1.       Strategy needs to be realistic and achievable; otherwise, it’s a setup for failure.

2.       Execution of a strategy requires resources; the more ambitious the strategy, the more resources it takes–even if that resource is just time.

3.       All parties responsible for executing the strategy should be communicating with one another.

4.       Everyone involved needs to understand precisely how the success of this strategy will be measured.

5.       Smart testing will help you refine your strategy. I often learn more and faster from what doesn’t work than from what does.

6.       Particularly in the digital world, strategy needs regular reviews and revamps. Why stay the course if something is just generating failure?

For more resources, check out Inc Magazine’s tutorial  for more in-depth steps on how to devise a successful marketing strategy by gaining a thorough understanding of your concept and target market. It’s a New Year, so don’t hesitate to rethink, tweak or fix what didn’t work for your small business in 2012.

This week’s blog was written by Kymberly Sheckleford. Kymberly is an Analyst with C2G Resourcing, a subsidiary of Consultants 2 Go, LLC.