Refer New Projects or New Clients


We love it when you help bring new business to us.  It means you ROCK, and you think highly of us.  For that we would like to reward you.

You can earn a $1k bonus when you refer new projects or new clients to C2G.  It’s easy – just click the Refer New Business button to contact us:

  • The opportunity must be new to C2G and one that is not currently known by us.
  • The referrer will receive a $1,000 bonus after the project or new client bills 150 hours*. For projects that are less than 150 hours, a prorated bonus amount will be paid.

Refer New Business

Other Terms & Conditions

  • If you are a permanent employee at a company, you are not eligible for this bonus if you refer opportunities to us for that company.
  • Referral bonus is paid after C2G is paid by the client for the project. For fixed price projects, bonus earned when C2G bills / is paid the equivalent of 150 project hours.