Recruiting Tips For Quality Candidates

The life of a recruiter is inundated with phone calls and resumes. Hundreds of applicants will be vetted to find maybe four or five potential employees that stand out and are interview-ready. The following tips will increase the number of quality candidates you have to choose from.

Develop Your Resources

Take time to establish relationships with college placement offices. Thousands of graduates enter the work force each year and alumni often keep in touch with their alma mater’s career service center. Another resource is your company’s own database. The more description applied to each person in your database, the easier it is to search for a qualified applicant. Software such as bambooHR, Hyrell, and Big Biller are web-based programs that not only store potential candidates, but also track the hiring process. With a number of software systems out there, it is important to develop the one you choose and learn it well.

Use Your Co-Workers

Finding ideal candidates is a company mission, not just for the people in HR or workers with ‘Recruiter’ in their title. The vast networks and connections your coworkers have made can be of great use to you. You never know if they have an old friend, or colleague in mind for an open position. The degrees of connection may not be as direct but perhaps a co-worker knows somebody who would know somebody. The possibilities are endless.

Always Check References

A candidate may present his or herself well; yet, there is no better way to understand how a person works than to ask people with whom they have worked. Sure, a person can be well spoken, intelligent, and confident, but who better to see their day-to-day work habits? Perhaps while a candidate may appear to be shy during an interview, it might be that his references were thrilled to work with them and is eager for an opportunity to do so again.

Hire The Sure Thing

Do not try to compensate for an applicant’s lack of skills. A company would rather have quality hires instead of temporary quick fixes. The theoretical standard for hiring a candidate is to find someone who has done the exact job, in the exact industry. While there are exceptions, notably in entry-level positions, trying to shift a worker to a different field can be met with a plethora of obstructions, as it may not be what they are looking for long term. You do not want these obstacles become a later issue.

Network From Within

An initial call to a candidate is very useful to get a feel of the candidate. If that candidate is not a fit, perhaps they may know someone else who is qualified for the job. It is no secret that networking and connections are worth their weight in gold. Through word of mouth from your connections, candidates reach out to you instead of you searching for them.

Even with these tips, recruiting is a time consuming process; there is no getting around that. Utilize these tips and you will leave yourself with a good problem – too many good candidates from which to choose.

Lori Rinn is the Director of Recruiting at Consultants 2 Go.