Recruiting with Technology and LinkedIn

Last week, I attended an excellent forum on using technology to recruit for difficult jobs.  The webinar was given by the American Staffing Association.  The purpose was for recruiters and managers to ask questions, and get their questions answered from peers, regarding how to use LinkedIn and other technology for recruiting.  Here are a few tips that were discussed – some of which are so easy that I did not think of it.

  1. Use text messaging and Twitter for hot jobs. It’s a way of getting it out quickly and consultants are looking at their phones during the day so that’s the best way to reach them. One person has their group text messages organized by skill. That text includes a phone number for them to easily respond.  In group text, please tell them not to “Respond to All.”
  2. Recruiters create their own professional page with separate LinkedIn and Facebook profiles than their personal ones. They use that exclusively for business.
  3. They send in-mails to passive candidates and ask if they are interested in a particular job. They use it discretely because if you send too many, LinkedIn can take away your access because you are connecting to too many resources at the same time.
  4. Most people use LinkedIn for skilled and specialized talent – really not for admin and lower level jobs; those, they can get elsewhere.
  5. Recruiters should actively participate in Groups. A lot of leverage is received from those groups particularly if regular content postings like blogs or articles are done.  When a job is posted, people in the group are already familiar with your name.
  6. You can share the jobs you post on LinkedIn Recruiter Pro with clients so they know you are actively recruiting – this might not work with every client, but it might work for you.
  7. Charlieapp is used for finding out email addresses and is more than 50% accurate. This app works best with the Chrome browser.
  8. When you reach out to a candidate you think is overly qualified for a job or who already has a permanent job, acknowledge that you know their status, but ask them for a referral since candidates usually know others in their profession at a similar skill level. Plus, candidates like to know you are still thinking of them so when they need a job, they will reach out to you first.
  9. Post content on a daily/weekly basis for thought leadership (mostly blogs, white papers, articles from magazines, etc.) Public information can be reposted, but for private information that is posted in a group, please ask permission.

Perhaps you are already doing some of the above, but hopefully you will find at least one new tip.