Recruiting and Job Seeking in the Digital Age

Recruiting and job seeking in the digital age means no more paper resumes! Is that even possible? Who would have thought a few years ago when we innocently set up our profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that along with big data and other technology, we would be creating a portrait of our life experiences that would be viewed by future employers.  Our lives are now digitally lived out; they are always changing and there is constant motion in our work and personal activities.  This digital portrait will soon be our CV.  It will be our cover page and summary of who we are, how we work and what our professional and personal qualifications are.   Will we be a fit for Your Company?

Recruiters understand. We get it. We are out there every day, all day searching, digging and peeking into any bit of info we can find to seek out top candidates and then see what we can find out about them.  We have an abundance of professional information from sites like LinkedIn; right there, we know what you look like, how you present yourself, are you a professional or have you posted a photo from Saturday night at the club?  We have your job history, what organizations you belong to and what former employers and co-workers have said about you…if anything.

So here are 3 tips of how you can manage your online resume in the digital age?

  1. Get recommendations. It does matter if you do not have even one recommendation.  Let the judging begin! Just from this one page, we have gathered enough intelligence to decide if we should move forward or cut our losses right now.
  2. Be prepared for online interviews. When we arrange our intro call with you, we much prefer to sit in front of you and speak with you face to face, so, many of us are now utilizing Skype or Facetime for that initial meeting.  It is reminiscent of bygone days when people used to get dressed up in a suit and come into our recruiting offices to meet with us.  We are also seeing an increase in video interviews among our clients. It is a time saver for them and helps to speed up the interview process on their end.
  3. Clean up your social media because you know we are going to look at it. If you cancelled your interview due to a death in the family, don’t post pictures of you at a party in Cancun at the same time – we can see it! It is very difficult to lie on social media.  If it comes down to you vs. another candidate who showed up, subconsciously, it might play a role in our decision.  Why take that chance?

We threw away our typewriters and our whiteout and now could it be time to toss out the paper resume?  Our recruiting expectations of the digital space are growing every day.  Now, we have Boolean searched ourselves into every nook and cranny we can think of, and fortunately for us, our candidates continue to find new places to write about themselves.  For a recent blog on digital recruiting, Click Here.


Kimberly Call is a Technical Recruiter with Consultants 2 Go. She is located in Panama.