Recruiting Great Interns

Finding the right interns can be a daunting task. Many factors come into play when deciding if someone is the right fit for your work environment; however, there is no denying the many benefits that come with having exceptional interns. You get a temporary, inexpensive employee that could potentially relieve a significant amount of your team’s daily workload. Although convenient, this shouldn’t be a one way street. Interns enter the workforce with the expectation that they will be receiving valuable work experience, or even pave the way for full-time employment. Consider the following tips when evaluating how your team can recruit great interns:

  • College Recruitment. Recruiting potential interns from college career fairs, or through a university’s career services department, is arguably one of the best ways to find great candidates. Encourage your firm to practice relationship driven recruiting through attending on-campus events, partaking in campus activities, and attending or even hosting leadership development programs. Taking the time to build a solid relationship beforehand could greatly benefit your recruiting process, as interns will be drawn to companies they feel have their best interests in mind.
  • Plan Non-Work Activities. The best internship programs do not revolve around the work, as it is not efficient to only assign tasks and projects. Interns are looking for opportunities to bond with other interns, as well as with company executives. Consider enhancing your internship program to include non-work activities that will encourage interns to leave their comfort zones and meet new people within the company. Emphasizing this when recruiting is likely to attract great candidates.
  • Resume Building. All interns are seeking opportunities that will boost their resumes. When crafting projects for your interns, consider them as potential bullet points that may be included on resumes – points that will emphasize achievements and performance. These may become great selling points when talking to candidates, and can also aid in building clear goals and accountability for your team.

There always seems to be a little risk involved when attempting to recruit great interns. Remember these points when your firm is developing their internship program to ensure that you recruit only the best and brightest.

 Jennie Moussa is a Marketing Analyst Intern at Consultants 2 Go.