Rebranding Our Company – Infusing New Life Into Our Business

C2G Partners is the new name of our company.  Why did we decide to rebrand our company?  As in most organizations, there are several reasons that made sense to move in a new direction while still delivering excellent marketing and analytics solutions to our financial services and telecom Fortune 500 clientele:

  1. A change in strategic focus. Last year, we executed a major change in our organizational focus from being mainly a marketing organization to becoming a data driven marketing company.  We brought in new partners to enhance and grow our data science department and put a strategy in place to continue our focus in marketing, with a renewed focus on using data insights to help our clients solve their most pressing business challenges in Fortune 500 marketing departments.
  2. New name, same values. We wanted to declare to the world that we have a bold new intention and our old name, Consultants 2 Go, no longer accurately depicted who we are and where we are going.  At the core, C2G Partners is still the same company, with the same values we have since 2002, but with more talented employees and better capabilities.
  3. New website and marketing collateral. Of course, rebranding means a new website, new email signatures, new sales and marketing collateral, and business cards.  It means updated social media pages, using up current give-away premiums like mugs and pens.  Press releases need to go out.  Yes, there is an expense to rebranding!  Do not underestimate how far-reaching your old name extends.
  4. Get professional help. Even though we are a team of marketers, we know our own brand too well and cannot see the forest for the trees.  This is a time-consuming venture and will take you away from your daily business and from the clients you serve, especially if you are a small company.  You will need to give clear directions to get what you need, so write a creative brief and document your requests so you have the request to compare to the results.
  5. Redirect the links from your old company name. Ensure all links to your old company’s name is redirected to your new brand.  You want people to find your new brand when they search for your old one – especially your website and social media.  Some social media like LinkedIn will not allow you to change your name so you will have another mini rebranding effort in creating a new social media page for your followers.  Get SEO help.
  6. Audience communication. After the rebranding is complete, you will need to let your audience know that you are the same company.  We have several constituents and sent out customized notifications to each audience – clients, employees, colleagues, associations, Chambers of Commerce and anywhere you have a membership in your old company’s name.  Include why you have rebranded and how it will impact them.  Your employees should familiarize themselves with your rebranding rationale as clients will ask them.
  7. Include Analytics. We have Google Analytics on the backend of our site so that we know if our audience is finding us.  You can see if your rebranding is working from the visits to your site.

Your rebranding efforts will continue for several months or even a year after your name change. Remember some people will not immediately visit your site.  And don’t panic if you use your old name once in awhile – just acknowledge it and make the correction!

In the meantime, let us know how you like our new brand.