Start End of Year Planning Now

End of year planning is a sure thing – it comes every year as sure as the leaves have changed and the landscape moves from green to brown!  Below are some tips from last year’s blog that will help you through these times.

We are in that odd time of year where summer has ended and people are getting ready for next year.  Some of your clients are prepping for the holidays. Take time to recharge your business and plan to close out this year and start the next.

  1. 2017 Planning – Come January, your team should know their goals for the year. Meet with them now to strategize.  You can review this year to see what worked or what needs improvement so you can start your New Year with solid plans.
  2. Close Out This Year – While planning for next year, you still have time to get in a few contracts for this year. Are you meeting your goals, behind or surpassing them?  You have two months to make a final push. Think about incenting your team to meet those final revenue goals.
  3. Start Prepping For Taxes – There is no such thing as too soon when it comes to preparing for taxes. Use this time frame to retrace the previous three quarters of the year. That way, come January, you will only have to prep for the last four months of the year.
  4. Schedule Holiday Events –Whereas August may be too early to plan, by November, you should have something scheduled for holiday events. It is still a little early so chances are you can secure the contract at the place you want. If you have not already sent out Hold the Dates, do so now. Prepare invitation lists and giveaways.  You can get down to finer details too so you don’t have to finish anything last minute.  Get those invitations out!
  5. Compile Paid Time Off (PTO) – Now that your team is back from summer vacation, start planning for the holidays. You should have a better idea of how much time each person has left to take for the holidays so you can sync schedules for coverage.  If you have a policy where they cannot carry over time off to next year, now is a good time to remind them to start taking their days before they lose it.

This is a crazy time of year – you have to finish up strong, but you also have to lay the foundation for next year.  You have your own holiday planning, planning to attend client events, but you also have to plan for next year.  If you haven’t started, start now – you just might be running behind.

Patrick Coughlin is a Senior Marketing Analyst at Consultants 2 Go.