Personalizing Your Company’s Social Media

In this rapidly moving world of social media, individual and company posts can create clutter or junk – very similar to email.  It is difficult, at best, to keep up with all the posts that are taking place.  Posts that are always self-promoting, without much educational value, can have a negative impact on readers.

Small business owners, in particular, do not have time for constant posting. Instead, we can personalize our voices as well as strike a balance between self-promotion and having a unique voice. These four tips will give your company a personalized social media image:

  • Pace Posts. Three posts per day is an excellent number of posts for a small business target audience. At C2G, our general guideline is to space posts at least three hours apart in a given day. Perhaps you want to post in mornings, afternoon and evenings so your audience will get an opportunity to see the post depending on their schedules.
  • Comment On Other People’s Pages. Much like in a real friendship, a social media friendship is all about give and take. Reading and commenting on other peoples content provides encouragement in your social media relationships and shows your level of engagement. Before posting your comment, ensure you have a positive tone – you do not want to incite arguments. Additionally, if you feel there is compromising material or content on a website or in a post, do not Like them or comment simply because you know the person who made the post.
  • Posts Topics of Interests. Do repost and share content that belongs to others as long as credit is attributed to the individual or company.  Reposts help to create new readers as well as you have more content for which to keep your audience informed.  Having guest bloggers is also a fantastic way of getting new topics on which you are not an expert.
  • Provide Original Content. Write inspiration messages, or have your company’s employees write blogs. Providing original content is a great way to personalize your social media. People like to see original content and that helps to develop a following. Our weekly blogs are distributed to our social media family every Monday morning.

Social media gives your company a personality. A successful social media campaign results in followers saying “Company X always provides interesting content.” Quality posts create audience engagement.  What are some of your favorite posts that you can share with us?

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Intern at Consultants 2 Go.