Oprah’s Live The Life You Want Tour

I attended the Newark, NJ event of Oprah’s “Live The Life You Want Weekend” (#LifeYouWantTour) at Prudential Center. What a phenomenal experience! The thing that Oprah knows how to do better than anyone else is to give a lifetime experience.

The objective of the two-day journey was for Oprah to share what she came to understand about the things that matter in life…things like joy, resilience awe, connection and gratitude. She felt that if you’re open to the world, you will learn. Then you apply those learnings to your own life.

As a small business owner, many of you will understand that I don’t take time to sit and just understand how all the parts in life and business connect. I am extremely focused on “the business” but I should also understand that if I’m not connecting to everyone, “the business” will deteriorate.

Following are highlights from my weekend:

  1. Speaker: Mark Nepo’s topic was “The Life You Want Meditation.” Mark is the New York Times best-selling author of The Book of Awakening. Mark was a proponent of meditation – talking walks in the morning, practicing taking deep breaths to center yourself in times of stress and just being still. Being still can happen anywhere. When difficult decisions need to happen, I can take a few minutes by myself to simply think thru my options, write them down, and just have a few minutes of “alone” time to weigh my options.
  2. Speaker: Elizabeth Gilbert spoke on “The Quest.” Ms. Gilbert discussed how she took time out of her life to pursue her true calling. She got a divorce, took a trip around the world, and found herself. Then she wrote a book about it, and 3 years later a movie was done about her journey. We cannot all take a year out of our lives, but the concept of stepping back to look at the bigger picture is understandable. Each year, we at C2G, take a minute to review the year in order to strategize for next year. There are other areas where our lives get temporarily disrupted (like sickness), and that forces us to stop and take time out when we thought we could not.
  3. Speaker: Rob Bell’s topic of “Everything is Spiritual” summarized how everyone has a spiritual core even if they are not religious, meaning identifying with a particular religion. It is that spiritual core in us that makes us do good things and want to maintain a connection with others. We connect through networking organizations where we find “like” business owners who are going thru the same things that you are and can understand being an entrepreneur. We should feel free to connect with experts who can advise us on steps we should take thru our businesses via mentoring – we should have a mentor as well as mentees so that we receive on one end and turn around and share what we learn with others who need it.
  4. Speaker: Iyanla Vanzant, of the award-winning OWN series, “Iyanla: Fix My Life” toasted us with the topic of “Here’s to Life” – some quotes that I love and will use:
    1. “Life really is on your side.”
    2. “Life doesn’t play tricks on you…your mind does.”
    3. “Life talks – you must learn to listen.”
    4. “Life always tells you the truth; your job is to recognize and accept it.”
  5. Speaker: Oprah Winfrey in “Create a New Vision.” One of the quotes that Oprah gave was “I want us all to fulfill our greatest potential. To find our calling, and summon the courage to live it.” That quote resonated with me as that is exactly what I want to do at this point in life as well as in my business. We are in a growth phase and I want to give it everything that I have to ensure it’s a success. The second part of the quote, “to live it,” is more difficult to action. There are things we all want to do in our businesses but we have a lot of dependencies – depends on payroll this week, depends if the client pays us on time, depends if we have the right team. We must find the strength to push thru all these dependencies and create a new vision of how we want our lives and businesses to look.

I think every business owner should attend a session like this one – we need someone to ask us the difficult questions about our lives and our businesses. And we owe it to ourselves to honestly answer them.