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June, 2016

Welcome to C2G News! 
Summertime is here! It is the season associated with vacation, fun, and family. For those with children, school may be out but business is not!
At Consultants 2 Go, we are continuing to work hard in order to reach goals and expectations. Although it is the time to soak in more sun, it is also perfect to create new opportunities and to be creative so be diligent to your company’s strategy. Don’t let the momentum of summer fade away into fall and winter!
In the meantime, please take time to read and keep up with what’s going on with C2G.
Happy Summer!
All the best,
The C2G Team

Consultants 2 Go Honored With Brava Award and Finalists for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Consultants 2 Go is proud to be honored this month with two awards.

The Brava Awards program celebrates high-impact female business leaders in three categories: CEOs, Executive Directors of Nonprofits, and C-suite executives. Brava award winners combine their irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for giving back to the community, and are exemplary leaders of both their companies and their communities. Peggy is one of this year’s recipients of the award!

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. They encourage local philanthropy, mentor up-and-coming leaders and set their companies on the path to tremendous growth. Peggy and Sandi are both finalists for this year’s award!

Meet a C2G Consultant
Dina Kelly has been a long-term
consultant with C2G, working on a variety of projects.  Below, you can read a bit more about Dina, and her experience as a C2G Consultant.

1.  How did you hear about Consultants 2 Go?

I was introduced to C2G by my former colleagues that worked in the Financial Marketing Industry. After taking a few years off to raise my family, I wanted to return to the workforce and was looking to do consulting work. I had a working relationship with the principals at C2G and I continued to follow their success through social media. I knew that C2G had a good reputation in providing professional marketing services to some of the major Financial Marketing companies. When it was time to return to work, I reached out to the C2G team and I started an assignment immediately. I have been with C2G now for over 4 years.

2.  What types of employment/opportunities have you had with C2G?

Having been a seasoned employee at American Express,  all of my assignments have been with Amex. My experience working with proprietary marketing databases, direct marketing, and social media, enables me to work across many different organizations within Amex. It was so nice to return to a familiar environment, work as a Marketing Consultant and be able to contribute immediately to their overall business needs.  
3.  What do you like about working with C2G?
What I enjoy most about working with C2G is that I work on different assignments every 3-6 months. Although the client expectations are high and the learning curve is short, you have to dive into an assignment quickly with minimal training. Having the opportunity to work across different projects enables me to quickly learn the different facets of the business.

4.  How has C2G helped with your career?

Being employed as a C2G Consultant,  you have to stay on top of your game and constantly be aware of the changing marketplace. Besides having over 15 years direct marketing experience, I continue to keep my skills current, especially with digital marketing on the rise. I have attended Digital Marketing Classes to deepen my knowledge with the digital channels. In addition, I continue to research the financial products and offers available through the different marketing channels. I self-train by using learning tools and programs available and network with colleagues on a daily basis to stay marketable. C2G has provided me with
wonderful marketing assignments that have enabled me to become a successful Marketing Consultant.

10 Morning Habits of Mentally Strong People, Casey Imafidon, Contributer,

Toughness isn’t all physical. A strong mentality is just as powerful. A mindset that is mentally strong understands the importance of consistency and following a pattern to attaining those goals that will mark them for successClick here to read more. 

The Real Problem with Millennials at WorkDavid Burkus, Author, Under New Management”

Millennials in the workplace: They’re lazy, entitled, narcissistic job-hoppers. But the age of the quote better resembles the truth of the situation: They’re just young and everyone was that way when young. Click here to read more.

Interested in Guest Blogging?

Consultants 2 Go invites colleagues, business partners and consultants to be a guest blogger. We cover topics ranging from small business, to marketing, sales, and social media.  If you are interested, please contact Paul Chang at You can check out our blog here

Upcoming Marketing and Networking Events   
Below you will find a list of upcoming events and seminars throughout the country that might be of interest to you. Please take a look!
June 2016

-June Happenings at HUE-MAN: VIP Event Book Signing by Patricia Cleveland – NYC, NY; June 22, 2016

-EY Entrepreneur of the Year Dinner – NJ – June 23, 2016

Brava Awards Dinner – NJ; June 23, 2016

– WFRN Women’s Conference – Washington DC; June 24, 2016

– Crain’s Healthcare Summit – New York, NY; June 27, 2016

– National Minority Business Council: Procurement Leadership Luncheon – NYC, NY; June 29, 2016

July 2016
– Golf Outing – Association for Corporate Growth – Bedminster, NJ; July 11, 2016
– American Express Grow Global- Baltimore MD; July 12, 2016
September 2016  
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