Never Quit – And Get up When You are Knocked Down


I met a woman named Mary.  Mary never gives up and she inspired me to do the same.  Two and one half years ago, she had four heart valves that were not just clogged, but torn.  After open heart surgery, the doctors told her she would still only live six months.  And she decided she would live the best six months of her life.  She was overweight and her daughter gave her the gift of life by sending her to a resort that specialized in helping people to live a healthy life.  She wanted to make it the best six months of her life and she is here today to tell the story.  This week, together we hiked Chesboro Canyon, Malibu Creek and Paramount in Malibu.  She stopped when she needed to and took baby steps.  I think she’s about seventy years old but was afraid to ask especially since she was faster than me sometimes.  She is determined.

Why does it have to reach that point for many of us?  Do we need to be told we have only six months…to live…to keep our businesses afloat…to spend more time with our families…to do something from our bucket list?  Why not make today, and every day, the best days of our lives?

These tips worked for Mary and I’m giving them to you.  I hope you are inspired as well:

  1. Get Back up – when the going gets rough and knocks you down, get back up.  We are going to make many mistakes and wrong steps.  We need to recognize them as learnings and put what we learn into practice.  This includes life and business lessons.
  2. Take baby steps – don’t be in a rush to do everything at once.  Slow and steady can win the race.  If you set a goal for the end of the year, start working on it a little at a time.  Don’t wait until you get to November before you rush to try to accomplish it.
  3. Only You Can Do It – even if someone tells you that you cannot do something, only you can make an effort to overcome the negative words.  Even if you fail, you know that you tried.  Noone else can take your critical steps or make your decisions.  It’s guaranteed that if you let others dictate your life, you will get decisions you won’t like.

If you don’t have a list of goals, make one.  Then pick one thing from that list that you can start tomorrow.  And START!