Motivation is the Key to Success

As an employee, many of us thrive off motivation and as a leader, it is important to be that source of motivation and encouragement.  We all have days where things may not be going according to plan, but with an extra push or a few encouraging words, we can see the finish line.  In an article written by Bill Murphy Jr. for, he highlights nine important phrases leaders should reiterate to their team on a regular basis.  Below are a few of these phrases that, as a leader, you should try to communicate on a regular basis to help motivate and lead your team. 

  1. Here is the plan.  A leader is supposed to lead.  People will offer great suggestions, especially if you’re saying and doing everything else on this list, but you need to be able to make decisions and stand behind them.  Your team needs to know where you’re trying to take them, and how.  Also, don’t forget the crucial corollary: You need to be able to say “no,” especially to moves that would be inconsistent with your plan.
  2. I trust you.  If you can’t trust the people on your team, then they shouldn’t be on your team.  You need to trust their integrity, their judgment, their confidence and their passion – and you need to ensure that they understand how much you depend on them.
  3. You can count on me.  The flip side of that last point is true as well.  If your team can’t trust you, they shouldn’t do you the great honor of letting you lead them.  So tell them you’ve got their back, and then work like hell to fulfill the promises you make.
  4. What do you need?  This is crucial for two reasons.  First, people need to know that you care about them on personal and professional levels, and that you want them to succeed.  Second, if you’ve put together a great plan, you need to leverage every person’s abilities to the maximum extent possible.  If they are not able to give it their all, you want to know why.
  5. Let’s celebrate!  Don’t create a culture in which the only reward for great work is more work. Instead, make it a practice to celebrate your wins, both large and small.  This can mean big parties and bonuses, but it can be just as important to call people out for great work and congratulate them for their milestones – both professional and personal.

It is important to recognize the work your team is doing and to also be there to lend a hand if you see someone struggling.  It may not always be obvious, but a little motivation can go a long way.

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