Marketing to Millennials

The Millennial generation (individuals between the ages of 18 and 32) are the most diverse and highly educated that America has ever seen. In fact, according to the last US Census, Millennials even outnumbered baby boomers. There is no doubt that with their size is coupled with a considerable amount of buying power that is continually growing. It’s important that businesses and entrepreneurs alike understand this and make the conscious effort to formulate their outreach to Millennials. Millennials are unlike any generation that has come before – they are tech savvy, individualistic, and highly media-connected. Needless to say, they’re a pretty complex generation. Consider the following pointers on how to best approach marketing to Millennials.

Pay Attention. Millennials want to be treated and respected as individuals. Communication should be two-way and span across a number of mediums including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and of course smartphone apps. Also, loyalty programs, promotional events, and special access to sales and deals make a huge difference. Not only do these add value to the brand, but also create the feeling that each and every consumer is special.

Demonstrate Diversity. We’ve already established that Millennials are an eclectic mix, therefore, it is of great importance that your company and brand demonstrate diversity. The customization of products is now more important than ever – the members of this generation ultimately want to see the changes that society is going through reflected in their brands. Anyone who reads fashion magazines, has exposure to current ads on TV, and even on-line ads can see that companies are trying to display higher levels of diversity. People from all walks of life are being represented including those of different ethnicities, nontraditional families, and those with disabilities. Millennials want to know that brands are making the effort to look more relatable, more like them.

Have a Conscience. The Millennial generation is highly aware of corporate social responsibility and want companies and brands to have purpose and, more importantly, dedication to change for the better. They have no problem switching over to brands who more accurately reflect their values. Authenticity and transparency are among the most important characteristics that your company and brands should aim to convey when marketing to Millennials. This, in turn, is likely to create loyalty and possibly even brand ambassadors.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your company and brand are making the effort to appeal to Millennials. They are an important generation with the potential to create much change in society and ultimately need companies that support them as well as their wants and needs. We live in an ever-changing society and world, marketing efforts should aim to reflect this.