Marketing Tips Learned From Sharknado

In this world of glitzy and expensive marketing campaigns, the Sharknado movies have really hit a core with America, with the latest movie attracting 3.9 million viewers.  For such a “cheesy” movie, what did the marketing people do to make the movie franchise a success?  You can use these same tips in your small business marketing campaigns:

  1. Build on the Success of Previous Campaigns – the first movie pulled in 1.9 million viewers when they expected to get none.  This was due to the huge popularity of the farce on social media.  For “The Second One,” they built on social media with TV ads as well as in-person appearances by the actors.  AdAge quoted Nielsen as saying “Sharknado 2: The Second One” also topped its Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings for the night with 581,000 tweets written by 188,000 unique authors and seen by 5.5 million people, generating 67.2 million Twitter TV impressions.

You might not have that amount of money or manpower for your marketing campaign, but you can utilize the same strategy as the producers – attack your audience from all angles.

  1. Create Something Out of the Norm – the very premise of Sharknado is a take-off of all the campy B- and C-rated movies that have been made.  The more outrageous and improbable the scene, the more laughs it received because people can now laugh at themselves.

Be prepared to laugh at yourself sometimes – don’t take everything seriously.  Humorous ads go a long way in getting attention for your company.  Small business owners tend to follow the same trends where they stick to the formula that brought them past success.  Break out of the mold and stand out in the crowd so that you can get noticed in the sea of normalcy.

  1. Involve, and get support from, larger businesses – Many big brands paid to get involved with Sharknado by mentioning the movie numerous times before, during and after the event.  It made them more current with the millennial crowd.  According to AdAge, here are ways that brands were involved:
    1. Subway tweeted throughout the airing using the hashtag #cheesysubliners to insert sometimes witty comments.
    2. Mr. Fogle tweeted “survival tips” and rewarded fans with swag. He also tweeted a proof-of-life photo to assure the world he survived the Sharknado.
    3. There was a tweet from Lenovo, which posted a picture of a laptop in the ocean with a shark fin.
    4. And the American Red Cross shared a Sharknado-themed Vine.

For your small business marketing events, get sponsorships from larger corporations where you can mention their names and they can utilize your company or event’s name in their marketing material – they have deeper pockets so will clamor to attach themselves to particular popular events.

The above tips are fairly common-sense.  These entertainment experts merely put a different twist on an old format to produce phenomenal success.  They were unafraid to take a marketing risk.  You, too, can gain this type of success with your small business.