Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk – 2017

It’s time for a fist pump! A yee-haw! A celebratory dance. Because C2G Partners For A Cure helped the American Cancer Society save lives from breast cancer. Thank you so much for joining with 123,000 walkers and helping to raise $4,725,000, in those 4 locations, for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

With our combined efforts, we’re determined to make sure the Society is there for those who are touched by this disease. And the Making Strides event gives us the power to do just that. The American Cancer Society will be able to invest in more innovative breast cancer research, provide free comprehensive information and support to more people touched by the disease, and help more people reduce their breast cancer risk. That’s pretty amazing!

Below is the total count for all four of C2G’s Partners For A Cure teams:
C2G Team Name
# Team Members
Funds Raised
New Jersey
Point Pleasant’s C2G Partners for A Cure
Annette Giordano (leader)
Peter Conkling*
Olivia Conkling
Eileen Giordano
Dina Galifi
John Galifi
Elisabeth Galifi
Lauren Mosley
Jan Kirwan*
(of 25,000)
(of $742,000)
New Jersey
Newark’s C2G Partners For A Cure
Ashley Morales (leader)
Matthew Garramone
$     25
New York
C2G Partners For A Cure – Brooklyn
Sandi Webster (Leader)
Ursula Holden
Janice Bryce **
Keisha Porter
Cornell Holden
Sania Kuylen
Serenity Kuylen
Liandra Porter
Jam’il Porter
New York
Long Island’s C2G Partners For A Cure
Pam Budman Veraart (Leader)
Niek Veraart
$   250
Grand total 
4 sites
4 Team Leaders

**Past C2G consultant, current client
*Past or current C2G consultant

So I think we all have earned the right to celebrate. Thank you.

Until we win, we’re all in this together. Walk with passion. And we’ll never walk alone. We hope you will walk with us again next year and fight with the American Cancer Society throughout the year. C2G Partners For A Cure will leave all four team pages active through 12/31/17.   We encourage you, and your teams, to continue requesting donations, especially with the holiday season just around the corner.

Thank you, all.