Jobs Most Likely To Be Replaced by Robots and Those That Are Safe

image of robot

Entrepreneur magazine’s list of “Jobs Most Likely To Be Replaced by Robots, and Those That Are Safe” explores robotics and automation in an interesting and personal way – as replacements for human labor. Members of the workforce have felt threats to their job security in the form of lay-offs, a declining economy and even other workers. Yet, workers now are feeling a threat from the progression of automation. Entrepreneur lists the jobs that will be lost to automation and those which are safe from it:

Jobs Not Safe – Likely to be Replaced by Robots

  1. Data entry keyers – This is an activity that, through replacement by automation, can be done much faster and with fewer errors.
  2. Mathematical science occupations – Current day computers are not only capable of performing vast amounts of mathematical operations, but they have adapted to learn and update as they go.
  3. Telemarketers – We’ve all encountered a telemarketing robotic voice at one time or another. Since this is a low human contact job, humans can be successfully removed.
  4. Insurance underwriters – This job is concerned with calculating risk that can be reduced to mathematical algorithms, absent a human being.
  5. Mathematical technicians – The huge benefit in removing people from this occupation is the drastic reduction in human error. No human, no error.
  6. Hand sewers – What one hand sewer could have done in four hours, can now be done in less than half an hour and with uniform precision through automation.
  7. Tax Preparers – People have taken to doing their own taxes through easy-to-use software programs saving time and money.
  8. Photographic process workers and processing machine operator – This can be attributed very few people have pictures developed today. Additionally, the few that do have development can be handled cost efficiently through non-human means.
  9. Library Technicians – With an entire world of knowledge as easily accessible as a laptop, tablet or phone, librarians just aren’t needed as much.
  10. Watch Preparers – This tedious and time-consuming task can be done much faster and with more precision over a larger number through automation and robotics.

Jobs Safe – UnLikely to be Replaced by Robots

  1. Recreational therapists – Human interaction is too important to replace here as the interaction contributes to therapy.
  2. Emergency management directors – These people often are in the business of crisis management dealing with heavy emotions, a skill untouched by AI.
  3. First-line supervisors of mechanics, installers, and repairers – Workers here will supervise what is automated, as machines and robots also have issues at some points.
  4. Mental health and substance abuse social workers – Emotionally heavy jobs as this simply cannot be done by anyone or anything less than breathing, beating, feeling human beings.
  5. Audiologists – Not all doctors can be replaced, and this is one that cannot. Hearing issues tend to be more subjective than items such as small surgery.
  6. Occupational therapists – Again, soft skills rule in this line of work.
  7. Healthcare social workers – Human evaluation of other humans and cases cannot be reduced to a mathematical operation.
  8. Orthotrists and prosthetists – Where robotics and automation can create the products, only humans can judge what kind and what fit.
  9. Health technologists and technicians – The healthcare field has benefited from many automation and robotics advancements but one-on-one human interaction can never be replaced.
  10. Hearing aid specialists – Similarly, hearing aids need to be one of a kind and custom to the patient for which they are created. A human, a specialist, is needed to oversee and send the correct orders.

We can see the results of automation and robotics in the shift in focus from technical skills to soft skills. Where yes, workers do need technical skills, it is eventually the addition of soft skills that differentiate you from expandable to exceptional. Sharpen both your sets of skills, and make yourself irreplaceable.