Is your business ready for Summer?

With Memorial Day weekend already behind us, there’s no better time to begin preparing your business for Summer. It’s easy to feel that the odds are not in your favor with the hot weather, kids being home from school, and vacation travel; however, advanced planning can go a long way. It’s important that you make the next three months count. Consider the following questions to determine if your business can stand the heat!

  1. If you stopped working for one month, which parts of your business would keep going?

This is an important question that determines what part of your business directly relies on your effort. Would everything in your business come to halt? Or do your business activities create momentum? Having momentum is crucial to your business’s success, as it ensures that if you need to take some time off, your business will not miss a beat. The more momentum created within your business, the more flexibility and choice you have about your workload enabling your business to continue generating income.

  1. What percentage of your work is reactionary, and what percentage is planned?

The more reactionary your work is, the more likely you will become overloaded with stress, especially with children and family commitments in the mix. If your business runs on a strict schedule, how can you manage this with kids off from school? A valid solution would be to give yourself as much of a margin as possible.  Give yourself more lead time to respond, deadlines that account for any unexpected events that may occur, as well as plans that allow for more flexibility – both in your family life and business life.

  1. How do you remind people that you’re a business?

It’s important to realize that, as a business owner, it’s your job to remind people of your services. Customers will not remember, and they definitely do not think of your business as much as you do. Don’t fall into oblivion this summer. Be proactive and think about the work you can complete now that is able to be scheduled or time-released over the summer. Create a marketing plan of action. It can be implemented in parts over the course of the summer.

  1. Did you schedule time off?

Even business owners need time off every now and then to recharge. There are numerous studies out there speaking to the many benefits that can come from taking a vacation. You can prevent stress overload by planning a small trip with loved ones or even a staycation where you spend time exploring your hometown. Sleeping in for a few days can also do the trick! If you haven’t had any fresh ideas for your business lately, you’d be surprised the things you can think of while on vacation.

The above questions are sure to aid in evaluating and preparing your business, as well as yourself, for summer. Make the next few months count. It can be the perfect time to discover any areas requiring improvement and re-focusing your strategy.