Hospitality Marketing Know-How

Travel and hospitality companies have to navigate a complex technology environment where new business models and new digital consumer behaviors are reshaping the way travel services are delivered. As technology fuels new partnerships, delivery channels, nimble digital upstarts and informed consumers, travel companies need to innovate in the way they engage customers to create lasting and profitable relationships. C2G Partners has the expertise and experience to strategize, launch, execute and optimize marketing initiatives that drive results for your brand.

Case Study

Business Challenge    

A travel company needed to renegotiate contracts, offers, and discounts with hotels, cruises, and land vacation business partners. All agreements were tied to their loyalty program and needed to enhance acquisition and spend.

C2G Partners Solution

  • Delivered over 120 contracts in three months
  • Created new offers with the partners that enhanced the existing loyalty program
  • Client saw an increase in customer acquisition and spend in key categories


Norwegian Cruise Line