Secure Funding and Build Your Brand

To reach the right donors and drive engagement, not-for-profits must make the most of their limited budgets and staffing capabilities. They must connect with the right donors in an increasingly complicated digital marketing environment. C2G Partners has the marketing experts to augment your staff—coming in quickly and getting up to speed fast—to help you use data and analytics to launch effective campaigns and events, and gain new donors with smart investments in digital and traditional marketing channels.

Case Study

Business Challenge    

The client wanted to generate awareness of their organization throughout the New Jersey region to attract more corporate sponsors, increase the number of volunteers and raise the overall awareness about the organization within the greater Newark and Northern New Jersey area. Additionally, they wanted to increase their fundraising activities and participation.

C2G Partners Solution

Created 3-year strategic plan and provided a team of experts to executed Year 1 of the plan:

  • Deployed outreach efforts to the community via telemarketing services and in-person visits.
  • Updated website and provided recommendations to enhance it to achieve strategic objectives. Identified and managed a resource to implement recommendations.
  • Developed a social media strategy with specific tactics and then provide tactical execution of those tactics.
  • Determined PR requirements; identified and managed support to assist with efforts
  • Determined Direct Marketing programs (Email, DM, etc.).
  • Assessed recruitment strategies for new board members that would help attract key corporate sponsors.
  • Provided recommendations for innovative fundraising initiatives.


Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
NJAWBO’s Women’s Business Center
Urban League of Essex County