Increase your conversion rates with C2G Partners' data driven analytics solutions

C2G Partners has deep experience in addressing complex marketing problems of e-commerce companies by leveraging data, analytics and digital technology. We help e-commerce companies increase their traffic by maximizing their paid and unpaid traffic sources, increase their conversion rate by optimizing the sales funnel and improving repeat purchase rates, basket size and customer value by applying advance data science.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Digital media optimization (Adwords, Facebook, Programmatic, Retargeting, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • CRM & Customer Engagement
  • Cross-Media Measurement and Attribution
  • User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Product Content & Catalog Optimization


Case Study

Business Challenge    

The client was having challenges growing their traffic and falling behind the competition. Customers were increasingly shifting to mobile channels, and the client was not capitalizing on the mobile growth.

C2G Partners Solution

We developed an end to end roadmap to increase the organic and paid traffic sources for the mobile channels. We oversaw the launch of the responsive site that was critical in increasing the mobile engagement rates and attracting a higher number of visitors through mobile platforms. We used a phased approach to ensure that the client saw increase in traffic numbers within a 6-month period. This was complemented by a paid media strategy that fully maximized Google, Facebook and other digital media platforms.