Improve Company Culture

All companies want their employees to work at optimal levels. Being diligent and efficient is, and should be, the top priority. Instead of spreading fear or job redundancy, why not set up a place where people ‘like to work’ instead of ‘go to work?’ The following ways are among many to improve company culture.

1. Have Fun

Work is serious but it is important for people to enjoy what they do. With semantics, fun can take on a variety of meanings so I am defining fun as overcoming a challenge. Having a team that can work well together to overcome a challenge is a great way to build camaraderie and trust. Establishing trust in the work place implies a level of closeness that guarantees employees enjoying the people they work with and their work.

2. Open Communication

While many entrepreneurs advocate for having discretion, not holding information from your employees will improve company culture. This ties in with trust; if your employees know they can trust you, this will create a better work environment.

3. Mini Reviews

Why only do yearly reviews? Take a look at what people have done and acknowledge it on a quarterly basis. Even give a small overview at the end of a week to let people know they are doing a good job. It is not conducive to set up a place where employees dread their yearly review. By setting up micro reviews, you can reassure your workers of the direction in which they are going and prevents confusion.

4. Recognize Success

People like to be recognized. If your employees are doing good work, then recognize it. Setting up an environment where good work is praised and rewarded will improve company culture. Workers will not think of their tasks are arbitrary. Recognition helps employees give meaning to their jobs, knowing they are appreciated for their input.

5. Celebrate Diversity

If your staff is ethnically, culturally and sub-culturally diverse, address it. Have people bring in what is important to them. You never know what a co-worker or employee does on the personal time that could inspire new ideas. Schedule at-work time where employees explain their interests, allow pictures to be pinned up beyond the cubicle and take interest in the lives of workers.

6. Focus on Fitness

By not only taking interest in the employees’ opinions and lives outside of work but also taking an interest in their health, you will improve their workplace perspective. Fit employees are happy employees. Exercise not only promotes health for the body but also cognitive function, therefore improving employee performance. Taking steps, such as having a company gym, providing gym memberships, or even working out together will get the oxygen-rich blood cells moving, again promoting greater job performance.

People are looking to work for a company that is honest, makes them feel valued and gives the worker a platform on which to express their opinions. Trust goes a long way towards improving your company’s culture.

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Intern at Consultants 2 Go.