How to Write the Perfect Resume for Your Dream Job


Is there such a thing as a perfect resume? Perhaps not, but, you can certainly create a flawless and competitive resume that will get you noticed and get you through the screening process. Studies show that it only takes six seconds for a recruiter to say “fit or not a fit.”

The best place to begin is to tailor your resume based on your desired role.  Once you have found the perfect job at your desired company, study their website and look for repeated words and phrases, tag lines, or vocabulary that gives you an idea about the values they discuss and hold important.  You will want to mirror some of that language throughout your resume.   You must include the important keywords from the job posting.  You will find some companies use online recruitment tools to sort through resumes quickly and weed out ones that lack the key skills they need. So, if you are missing the important skills, you will be quickly eliminated.

The format is very important.  The most common and preferred format is the chronological resume.  The other option is the functional resume, but people tend to use this format when they have outdated skills or want to cover gaps in their employment.  Better to be straightforward by creating a strong and honest resume highlighting your skills and experience.

Keeping your resume “focused” is a main factor for the overall appearance of your resume. Put only jobs that have significance or relevance to your profession or the job you are targeting – you can leave out short term or part time positions.  Focus on your main skills and background.  Remember to highlight experience and accomplishments in your details and leave out the subjective traits, like, “great leadership skills” and “team player.”

You don’t want your resume format to look like a template but you also don’t want to be too unusual and have a lot of graphics that distracts. Your format should be professional and have appropriate and balanced bold, italics and bullets. The format should be a good representation of your personality.   Always make your name the largest and boldest font.

Your education should be at the end of the resume.  Include your most recent level of education – if you have college degree, don’t list your high school information!  If you are a recent graduate, include any applicable coursework.  This section should be lean and mean.

There are always questions on the length of the resume.  If you are an entry level candidate, one page is perfect.  If you have five to ten years of experience two pages should be enough, and if you are a senior level manager and have a lot of accomplishments, three pages is acceptable.  There can always be exceptions to this and you will know if you need to add in more information depending on the job.

The goal in writing the perfect resume is to get you past the recruiter and into the hands of the hiring manager.  You want it to be pleasing to the eye; not overly wordy, no fluff, highlight your skills and accomplishments as they pertain to the position you want, and be organized and professional. You can review many samples online to get some ideas.  If you have a plain resume you have been using for many years, it might be time to give it a facelift.

Kimberly Call is a Recruiter with C2G Partners.