How to Recruit a Recent College Graduate

As the school year is winding down, most college graduates are searching high and low, trying to land their first job.  Given the current economic situation, we all know it is not an easy task.  However, many companies are looking to hire recent college graduates as a way to bring in new talent to their company.  The question is, how do organizations go about finding the right candidates in such a large pool of college grads?  Below, you will find a few tips on how to land the best new hire for your company.

1. Use Social Media.  The first place a college student is going look when they begin their job search is the Internet, particularly LinkedIn.  Find out the location of your target audience and generate a presence there.  Using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all great resources to help you get connected with the college crowd and allow them to learn about your company. 

2. Passion is key.  Sure, there are plenty of students who can do the job you are offering.  However, you want to look for those candidates who are passionate about what they are doing and have the drive to be successful.  You are not just looking at their GPA or what past experience they might have, but you are also looking for those who are willing to contribute to your company and have the desire to be there.

3.  Do a trial run.  If you are hesitant about hiring someone right out of college, you can always offer an internship or part-time opportunity.  This will give you the chance to observe the candidates’ skills, personality, and how well they interact with your other employees.  Internships are a great way to understand if someone is the right fit for your company.

4. Attend college job fairs.  A great way to meet and network with many of the brightest students in the country is to attend job fairs where you can collect resumes and even conduct mini interviews with students.  At the job fair, you want to promote your company’s culture and core values so the students know what to expect in terms of advancement and work environment if they were to join your team.

5. Look beyond the resume.  Since college grads are inexperienced in the working world, you may need to incorporate other evaluation tools while assessing them.  Behavioral interviewing techniques are helpful to see what motivates a candidate and allows you to gauge skills that can be transferable to the role you are seeking to fill.  You can also use assessment tools to validate findings, ensuring the right fit for your company.  Finally, you can have potential peers at your company meet with the candidate to clearly lay out the job specs in order to measure sincere interest in the role and your company.

It can be a difficult task finding the perfect match for your company.  With such a large pool of candidates graduating every year, it is important to figure out exactly what you are looking for and where you want to begin your search.  These tips will certainly help you in landing the best candidate for your company.

This week’s blog was written by Lori Rinn. Lori is the Recruiting Expert for Professional & Management Positions with C2G Resourcing, a subsidiary of Consultants 2 Go, LLC.